19 Dumb Things We Shouldn’t Have to Pay For

editorial_2013_sep_harper_bazaar_china_model_coco_rocha_photographer_yin_chao_stylist_xiao_mu_fan_oct_13_01 Image Source: Synq Magazine

1. Taxi fares when the driver gets lost or decides to take the scenic route.

2. Shipping. Especially in Australia when we still don’t have a Victoria’s Secret.

3. Half-and-half pizzas, having a fee attached to ordering half Meatlovers, half Vego is just ridiculous.

4. Colour correction at the hairdressers when instead of ending up with honey-blonde, your hair ends up looking more poo-brown.

5. Follow up doctor appointments for specialists when you’re kept waiting over an hour – only to see them for 5 minutes.

6. Public transport – shouldn’t we be rewarded for saving the environment and freeing up roadways?

7. Tomato sauce for your fish n chips or pie at the bakery.

8. Water at music festivals. Inebriated youth + dancing + summer = dehydration.

9. Car parking. Anywhere. But especially on streets or when staying at hotels.

10. Expensive vet bills.

11. Babyccinos. What does froth cost…like, 0.2 cents? If it keeps the kid quiet then everybody wins.

12. Cable TV. Why should we when there’s loads of ad’s and lame repeats?

13. Car repairs when you only had a service 6 months ago.

14. Public toilets and toilet paper in foreign countries.

15. Splitting the bill when you just had a vegetarian main and a vino and others had an entrée, steak and 3 beers.

16. Anything to do with women’s health – gyno appointments, tampons, contraceptive pills etc.

17. Kids meals at restaurants. It’s all fried crap anyway.

18. Dry cleaning for something you’ve only worn a couple of times.

19. Take-away containers. No, I can’t be assed cooking dinner later so I want to eat leftovers. Is this a crime?

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